Skin Care

Leave no spot unchecked.

Skin Cancer Check

Living in the skin cancer capital of the world with an Australian being diagnosed with melanoma every 30 minutes, it is recommended that all Australians get a regular skin cancer check. Hargreaves St Medical offers skin cancer checks via appointment.

What is involved in a skin cancer check?

When you visit our clinic for a skin cancer check, you will be required to undress to your undergarments for a complete examination. The procedure requires your doctor to methodically assess every section of your skin, stopping at every mole or freckle that they think might be even remotely suspicious. This procedure takes between 15 to 30 minutes.

Self -Examination of Skin Check

While protecting your skin from UV radiation is the best defence again skin cancer, it is also important to regularly check your skin for new or changed spots. To assist you, we have attached a free Skin Cancer Self-Examination manual to help you examine your skin and monitor your spots.

About 95% of skin cancers are treatable if found early. If you notice any new spots, changes to existing freckles or moles (including shape, colour and size), consult with your doctor by booking an appointment for a skin check.

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