Nurses at Hargreaves St Medical Practice play a pivotal role in health promotion, health maintenance and prevention of illness through provision of evidence based information and education to individuals, groups and communities. Practice nurses provide assessment, screening, treatment, care and education to patients from infants to seniors.


  • Providing advice, consultations and information about a range of health conditions and minor ailments.
  • Blood pressure management, weight control, diabetes and smoking cessation advice.
  • Administering infant injections and vaccinations.
  • Travel immunisations and offering travel health care advice.
  • Performing minor procedures, such as wound dressings, plastering, ear syringing and eye washouts.
  • Collection of pathology samples and other specimens.
  • Provision of first aid and emergency treatment.
  • Restocking and maintenance of clinical areas and consulting rooms.
  • Updating/amending electronic clinical records.
  • Assisting with recalls and reminders.
  • Liaising with other team members including doctors, other practice nurses, reception and administration staff.

To find out about current opportunities for nurses at our medical centres, please send email to [email protected] or call 03 5454 3973